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Our Kids Deserve Better

About this Blog

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The purpose of the blog is to raise awareness of what’s happening in our district concerning special education and academic performance compared to other districts and the State as a whole. All of the data on the blog comes from publicly available, verifiable sources, mainly from the various reports and websites run by the State of Michigan. Our sole motivation is to improve the District for the benefit of the kids, the parents, and the teachers in the District.

Our primary focus right now is raising awareness of the issues—both regarding speicial education and general education. There’s a tendency in East to say everything’s great, and we don’t have any problems. Lots of parents seem to believe that. So, before we talk about solutions, people need to become aware there is a problem that requires a solution. The solutions will ultimately come from a variety of stakeholders.

No school board candidate is involved with this blog.

The content on the blog comes from a group of concerned parents, most of whom have at least one child with special needs. These parents often fight weekly battles with various administration and special ed staff members to deliver the services specified in their children’s Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). They also experience significant annual challenges to retaining their child’s eligibility for special education services. Several parents have had to retain attorneys and other advocates to fight for their child’s special education eligibility and to ensure their child receives services specified in IEPs. Other parents fight losing battles over eligibility, while their children struggle with impairments that would be easily and appropriately recognized by any other district.

These parents want this blog to be about the issues, not the people raising the issues; it’s all too easy to target the messenger or make incorrect assumptions based on who the messengers are, instead of focusing on the issues and the data that support the issues.

These parents love their kids. Their plight is real, heartbreaking, and expensive. However, given the hostility they already experience from members of the administration and special ed staff, they are genuinely fearful of retribution, both against themselves and, most importantly, against their kids. They have exhausted the normal channels of advocacy. They have met with staff, the administration, and members of the board, often over the course of years. They are told time and time again that nothing is wrong. This blog is one of the only ways these parents can safely give voice to their concerns without putting their child’s best interests at risk.

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