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Are EGR School Improvement Plans Secret?

PA 25 requires each school district to complete and submit a District Improvement Plan and School Improvement Plans for each school within the district. The District Improvement Plan is due to the State on June 30 of each year, and the individual School Improvement Plans are due to the State on September 1 of each year.

These plans are far more detailed than either the Strategic Plan available on the East Grand Rapids Public Schools website or the snippets published in the Annual Reports of each school.

However, a search of the EGRPS website for the District and School Improvement Plans yielded no results.

Why doesn’t the school publish these? Perhaps, the administration might say the Plans are available on request at the administration building.

Turns out, East Grand Rapids Public Schools requires you to file a Freedom of Information Act request in order to get a copy of the District Improvement Plans. And the District will charge you for their costs in making one available. Nice.

In the interest of transparency, why doesn’t East Grand Rapids Public Schools publish both the District Improvement Plan and the individual School Improvement Plans on its website? Parents, for certain, would like to know how the District plans to improve things for their kids.

Since the Plans have not been published, it would be great to see at least the last three years of each of the Improvement Plans published on the District’s website. That way we can get some insight into whether progress is being made and the evolution of strategies to accomplish the desired improvements.

What do you think?

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