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East Grand Rapids School Board Candidates Summary

EGR School Board Candidates

With the election just five days away, we thought we’d recap what we know about the candidates for East Grand Rapids School Board.

You can click on the links below to view candidate summaries.

Mark Hessler, Candidate for East Grand Rapids School Board
Michelle Rabideau, Candidate for East Grand Rapids School Board
Peter Ruppert, Candidate for East Grand Rapids School Board
Elizabeth Welch-Lykins, Candidate for East Grand Rapids School Board

This blog addresses data and issues regarding special education and academic performance within the EGR Public Schools district.

We’ve put together a page for each candidate competing for an open seat on the EGR school board. On those pages, we summarize what we heard at the Candidate’s Forum, what we can see from the candidates’ websites and social media properties (e.g., Facebook), and reader comments on the candidates, as they relate to the issues on this blog.

Board members are elected to be the people‚Äôs representatives in governing the administration of East Grand Rapids Public Schools. We don’t care which candidates win, as long as those who win truly represent the people of this district in actively advocating for the kids and parents of the district. None of the parents who contribute content to this blog have any personal or professional relationships with any of the candidates.

Note: We did not create a candidate summary for Ms. Levine, who is running unopposed for a short-term seat on the board.

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