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New Website for Michigan Special Education Complaints

Earlier this month, the State launched a new website for Michigan Special Education Complaints. At the new site, you’ll be able to view actual complaints against school districts and other agencies. Within each of those complaints, you can review the alleged violations, findings of fact by the State and the respective ISD investigator, and the conclusion of the investigators.

Reviewing the complaints will help parents better understand the issues and the related federal laws (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, [IDEA]), Michigan special education law, and state rules (Michigan Administrative Rules for Special Education.)

In reviewing the complaints, you may find areas in which your district has also violated federal and state laws and state rules regarding your child.

Filing a State Complaint is different than filing a Due Process Complaint. Due Process Complaint procedures involves a hearing and an administrative law judge. You and/or the district may also involve attorneys. A State Complaint is investigated by the State; and the State will generally require the involvement of an ISD-level investigator. The State Complaint process does not involve a hearing, nor does it require you to retain an attorney.

Filing a State Complaint may help speed necessary corrective action. Equally important, filing a State Complaint also helps inform the State and the ISD of district problems and creates a record of alleged violations and related findings.

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