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EGR Public Schools
Lowest Special Education Rate (Again)

2012 EGR Public Schools Special Education K-12 Identification Rate
The trend continues. Once again, East Grand Rapids Public Schools has captured the dubious distinction of having the lowest K-12 special education identification rate among Michigan public school districts with more than 1000 K-12 students (352 districts).

We look at K-12 identification rates because total identification rates can include early childhood and adult special education, and not all districts have those programs. That’s why it’s important to be comparing apples to apples.

EGR Schools has a K-12 special ed identification rate of 5.34%, according to information from the recently released fall 2012 special education counts from the Center of Educational Performance and Information.

East Grand Rapids Public Schools’ special education identification rate is 2.4 standard deviations below the average identification rate of 12.22%. East Grand Rapids Public Schools has approximately 3,000 students; so each percent in identification rate is equal to 30 students.

It appears Rockford Public Schools has learned to follow suit. Rockford has also been consistently shrinking its special education population as well and is catching up to East Grand Rapids. With a K-12 special education identification of just 6.50%, Rockford has the third-lowest K-12 identification rate among the 352 public K-12 districts with more than 1000 students. Its special ed identification is two standard deviations below the mean.

Two standard deviations is a huge variance from all the other districts.

Does anyone at Kent ISD even monitor this? Apparently not. What do you think?

Fall 2012 Special Education Identification Rates

DistrictFall 2012
Special Ed
Rate - All
from Mean
Fall 2012
Special Ed
Rate - K-12
from Mean
East Grand Rapids Public Schools6.11%<2.1>5.34%<2.4>
St. Joseph Public Schools6.26%<2.0>6.07%<2.1>
Rockford Public Schools6.95%<1.8>6.50%<2.0>
DeWitt Public Schools6.50%<1.9>6.50%<2.0>
McBain Rural Agricultural Schools6.83%<1.8>6.84%<1.9>
Jonesville Community Schools7.05%<1.8>7.07%<1.8>
Houghton-Portage Township School District7.22%<1.7>7.22%<1.7>
Gull Lake Community Schools6.69%<1.9>7.51%<1.6>
Mona Shores Public School District8.34%<1.3>7.60%<1.6>
East Lansing School District8.04%<1.4>7.65%<1.6>
Hopkins Public Schools7.48%<1.6>7.68%<1.6>
Northville Public Schools8.93%<1.1>7.70%<1.6>
Ferndale Public Schools8.34%<1.3>7.72%<1.6>
Laingsburg Community Schools7.96%<1.5>7.72%<1.6>
Armada Area Schools8.84%<1.2>7.79%<1.5>
Mattawan Consolidated School7.86%<1.5>7.85%<1.5>
Hartland Consolidated Schools7.99%<1.5>7.88%<1.5>
Pennfield Schools7.79%<1.5>7.91%<1.5>
Bendle Public Schools8.77%<1.2>7.98%<1.5>
Forest Hills Public Schools8.62%<1.3>7.99%<1.5>
Negaunee Public Schools9.41%<1.0>8.00%<1.5>
Sturgis Public Schools8.35%<1.3>8.00%<1.5>
Troy School District8.80%<1.2>8.01%<1.5>
Novi Community School District7.96%<1.5>8.28%<1.4>
Allendale Public Schools8.59%<1.3>8.33%<1.3>
Bath Community Schools8.37%<1.3>8.38%<1.3>
Bad Axe Public Schools8.46%<1.3>8.47%<1.3>
Hamtramck, School District of the City of8.75%<1.2>8.53%<1.3>
Berrien Springs Public Schools6.72%<1.9>8.54%<1.3>
Byron Center Public Schools9.69%<0.9>8.55%<1.3>
Spring Lake Public Schools8.73%<1.2>8.56%<1.3>
Bangor Public Schools (Van Buren)8.39%<1.3>8.60%<1.2>
Oxford Community Schools8.65%<1.2>8.68%<1.2>
Goodrich Area Schools8.32%<1.3>8.69%<1.2>
Plainwell Community Schools9.41%<1.0>8.71%<1.2>
Lowell Area Schools9.52%<1.0>8.77%<1.2>
Cheboygan Area Schools8.79%<1.2>8.82%<1.2>
Vicksburg Community Schools9.33%<1.0>8.91%<1.1>
Fennville Public Schools9.16%<1.1>8.91%<1.1>
Coldwater Community Schools8.70%<1.2>8.94%<1.1>
Lakeshore School District (Berrien)8.91%<1.2>8.96%<1.1>
Dearborn City School District9.55%<0.9>8.97%<1.1>
West Ottawa Public School District9.13%<1.1>8.97%<1.1>
Lakeview Public Schools (Macomb)8.46%<1.3>8.99%<1.1>
Dundee Community Schools9.09%<1.1>9.03%<1.1>
Lake Orion Community Schools10.12%<0.8>9.12%<1.1>
Plymouth-Canton Community Schools9.21%<1.1>9.14%<1.1>
Riverview Community School District8.53%<1.3>9.19%<1.0>
Oak Park, School District of the City of9.88%<0.8>9.19%<1.0>
School District of the City of Royal Oak9.14%<1.1>9.21%<1.0>
Ovid-Elsie Area Schools9.23%<1.1>9.23%<1.0>
Melvindale-North Allen Park Schools9.50%<1.0>9.25%<1.0>
Grosse Ile Township Schools9.66%<0.9>9.27%<1.0>
Olivet Community Schools9.27%<1.0>9.29%<1.0>
Portage Public Schools9.92%<0.8>9.31%<1.0>
Otsego Public Schools9.61%<0.9>9.31%<1.0>
Berkley School District7.34%<1.7>9.34%<1.0>
Avondale School District8.66%<1.2>9.37%<1.0>
Hudsonville Public School District8.94%<1.1>9.38%<1.0>
Zeeland Public Schools8.73%<1.2>9.39%<1.0>
Gaylord Community Schools8.75%<1.2>9.41%<1.0>
Okemos Public Schools9.77%<0.9>9.50%<0.9>
Kenowa Hills Public Schools10.22%<0.7>9.51%<0.9>
Kingsley Area Schools10.06%<0.8>9.51%<0.9>
Elk Rapids Schools10.20%<0.7>9.52%<0.9>
Parchment School District10.26%<0.7>9.62%<0.9>
Ecorse Public Schools9.97%<0.8>9.62%<0.9>
Napoleon Community Schools9.72%<0.9>9.72%<0.9>
Cassopolis Public Schools9.50%<1.0>9.74%<0.9>
Warren Consolidated Schools10.39%<0.7>9.76%<0.8>
Jenison Public Schools9.74%<0.9>9.79%<0.8>
Dearborn Heights School District #710.14%<0.8>9.81%<0.8>
Cass City Public Schools10.98%<0.5>9.81%<0.8>
Public Schools of Calumet9.78%<0.9>9.82%<0.8>
Williamston Community Schools9.48%<1.0>9.90%<0.8>
Grand Blanc Community Schools10.16%<0.8>9.90%<0.8>
Leslie Public Schools10.26%<0.7>10.00%<0.8>
Crestwood School District7.55%<1.6>10.02%<0.8>
Farmington Public School District11.27%<0.4>10.04%<0.8>
Imlay City Community Schools10.38%<0.7>10.06%<0.7>
East China School District11.07%<0.5>10.10%<0.7>
Mason Consolidated Schools (Monroe)9.62%<0.9>10.10%<0.7>
Grass Lake Community Schools10.14%<0.8>10.17%<0.7>
Schoolcraft Community Schools10.16%<0.8>10.17%<0.7>
Center Line Public Schools10.36%<0.7>10.17%<0.7>
Hanover-Horton School District10.18%<0.7>10.19%<0.7>
Caledonia Community Schools9.65%<0.9>10.20%<0.7>
L'Anse Creuse Public Schools10.40%<0.7>10.22%<0.7>
Buchanan Community Schools11.06%<0.5>10.24%<0.7>
Homer Community School District10.23%<0.7>10.25%<0.7>
Clare Public Schools10.27%<0.7>10.28%<0.7>
Thornapple Kellogg School District10.93%<0.5>10.31%<0.7>
School District of the City of Birmingham10.57%<0.6>10.31%<0.7>
Cadillac Area Public Schools10.34%<0.7>10.36%<0.6>
Ann Arbor Public Schools11.31%<0.4>10.36%<0.6>
Chippewa Valley Schools11.27%<0.4>10.37%<0.6>
Freeland Community School District10.70%<0.6>10.38%<0.6>
Comstock Park Public Schools11.88%<0.2>10.41%<0.6>
Marysville Public Schools11.08%<0.5>10.42%<0.6>
Lake City Area School District10.36%<0.7>10.44%<0.6>
Davison Community Schools10.59%<0.6>10.44%<0.6>
Clio Area School District10.62%<0.6>10.52%<0.6>
Lakeview Sch. District (Calhoun)9.90%<0.8>10.53%<0.6>
Walled Lake Consolidated Schools11.39%<0.4>10.54%<0.6>
Kent City Community Schools10.17%<0.7>10.54%<0.6>
St. Johns Public Schools10.23%<0.7>10.56%<0.6>
West Bloomfield School District11.24%<0.4>10.57%<0.6>
Rochester Community School District11.58%<0.3>10.59%<0.6>
Ida Public School District10.61%<0.6>10.61%<0.6>
Public Schools of Petoskey9.97%<0.8>10.61%<0.6>
Blissfield Community Schools10.57%<0.6>10.62%<0.6>
Clintondale Community Schools11.46%<0.3>10.62%<0.6>
Haslett Public Schools10.94%<0.5>10.65%<0.5>
Lake Fenton Community Schools10.57%<0.6>10.66%<0.5>
Onsted Community Schools10.64%<0.6>10.67%<0.5>
Utica Community Schools10.72%<0.6>10.68%<0.5>
Edwardsburg Public Schools10.77%<0.6>10.70%<0.5>
Brandon School District - Oakland/Lapeer11.73%<0.2>10.73%<0.5>
Godfrey-Lee Public Schools10.84%<0.5>10.81%<0.5>
Pine River Area Schools10.78%<0.6>10.83%<0.5>
Fraser Public Schools11.07%<0.5>10.83%<0.5>
Coloma Community Schools11.17%<0.4>10.86%<0.5>
Ravenna Public Schools11.49%<0.3>10.87%<0.5>
Standish-Sterling Community Schools11.21%<0.4>10.89%<0.5>
Hamilton Community Schools11.34%<0.4>10.91%<0.5>
Kelloggsville Public Schools11.91%<0.2>10.93%<0.4>
Dexter Community School District11.43%<0.3>10.96%<0.4>
Grant Public School District10.92%<0.5>10.98%<0.4>
Wayland Union Schools10.64%<0.6>11.02%<0.4>
Charlevoix Public Schools10.46%<0.7>11.03%<0.4>
Whitehall District Schools11.88%<0.2>11.11%<0.4>
Adrian, School District of the City of11.09%<0.5>11.14%<0.4>
Clinton Community Schools11.14%<0.4>11.14%<0.4>
Charlotte Public Schools11.87%<0.2>11.20%<0.4>
Portland Public Schools10.48%<0.6>11.21%<0.3>
Western School District11.04%<0.5>11.24%<0.3>
Kalamazoo Public Schools11.69%<0.3>11.25%<0.3>
Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools11.40%<0.3>11.26%<0.3>
Watervliet School District11.23%<0.4>11.29%<0.3>
Iron Mountain Public Schools10.63%<0.6>11.30%<0.3>
Alpena Public Schools11.03%<0.5>11.32%<0.3>
Pinckney Community Schools11.43%<0.3>11.32%<0.3>
Allen Park Public Schools11.90%<0.2>11.35%<0.3>
Hillsdale Community Schools13.06%0.211.39%<0.3>
Mason Public Schools (Ingham)12.09%<0.1>11.41%<0.3>
Constantine Public School District11.43%<0.3>11.43%<0.3>
Clarkston Community School District11.95%<0.2>11.44%<0.3>
North Branch Area Schools12.07%<0.1>11.49%<0.3>
Oakridge Public Schools12.50%011.50%<0.2>
Traverse City Area Public Schools10.95%<0.5>11.50%<0.2>
Flushing Community Schools11.66%<0.3>11.50%<0.2>
Croswell-Lexington Community Schools11.67%<0.3>11.52%<0.2>
Lake Shore Public Schools (Macomb)12.19%<0.1>11.54%<0.2>
Southfield Public School District11.95%<0.2>11.56%<0.2>
Niles Community Schools12.55%011.63%<0.2>
Fitzgerald Public Schools12.18%<0.1>11.63%<0.2>
Tecumseh Public Schools11.61%<0.3>11.63%<0.2>
Essexville-Hampton Public Schools12.11%<0.1>11.64%<0.2>
Grandville Public Schools12.64%0.111.65%<0.2>
Harper Creek Community Schools11.62%<0.3>11.67%<0.2>
Gladstone Area Schools11.68%<0.3>11.68%<0.2>
Chelsea School District11.72%<0.2>11.70%<0.2>
Stockbridge Community Schools11.70%<0.3>11.71%<0.2>
Northview Public Schools13.01%0.211.73%<0.2>
Paw Paw Public School District11.21%<0.4>11.74%<0.2>
Romeo Community Schools11.32%<0.4>11.75%<0.2>
Three Rivers Community Schools12.05%<0.1>11.77%<0.2>
South Haven Public Schools11.56%<0.3>11.77%<0.2>
South Lyon Community Schools12.80%0.111.78%<0.2>
Tawas Area Schools12.10%<0.1>11.82%<0.1>
West Branch-Rose City Area Schools12.41%011.82%<0.1>
Holt Public Schools12.40%011.83%<0.1>
Almont Community Schools12.33%011.84%<0.1>
Brandywine Community Schools11.80%<0.2>11.84%<0.1>
Richmond Community Schools11.52%<0.3>11.85%<0.1>
Grand Haven Area Public Schools11.98%<0.2>11.88%<0.1>
Hazel Park, School District of the City of15.54%1.011.89%<0.1>
Sandusky Community School District12.23%<0.1>11.91%<0.1>
Airport Community Schools10.96%<0.5>11.92%<0.1>
Central Montcalm Public Schools12.12%<0.1>11.94%<0.1>
Frankenmuth School District12.58%011.94%<0.1>
Swan Valley School District11.94%<0.2>11.95%<0.1>
Milan Area Schools12.35%011.95%<0.1>
Howell Public Schools11.76%<0.2>11.96%<0.1>
Fenton Area Public Schools11.21%<0.4>12.01%<0.1>
Kalkaska Public Schools12.40%012.02%<0.1>
Grosse Pointe Public Schools13.52%0.312.04%<0.1>
Fruitport Community Schools13.10%0.212.05%<0.1>
Maple Valley Schools13.81%0.412.08%0
Anchor Bay School District13.33%0.312.12%0
Kentwood Public Schools13.99%0.512.15%0
St. Charles Community Schools12.18%<0.1>12.16%0
Tri County Area Schools12.85%0.112.21%0
Allegan Public Schools12.39%012.24%0
Hartford Public Schools12.24%<0.1>12.25%0
Byron Area Schools12.29%<0.1>12.29%0
Huron Valley Schools13.32%0.312.29%0
Birch Run Area Schools12.33%<0.1>12.33%0
School District of the City of Inkster12.28%<0.1>12.38%0.1
Brighton Area Schools8.38%<1.3>12.44%0.1
Clarenceville School District13.16%0.212.45%0.1
Cedar Springs Public Schools14.06%0.512.46%0.1
Bedford Public Schools12.60%012.47%0.1
Saline Area Schools13.75%0.412.48%0.1
Lincoln Park, School District of the City of13.01%0.212.48%0.1
Lamphere Public Schools14.22%0.612.51%0.1
Saginaw Township Community Schools12.26%<0.1>12.52%0.1
Vandercook Lake Public Schools12.54%012.54%0.1
Kearsley Community School District12.56%012.56%0.1
Yale Public Schools13.32%0.312.57%0.1
Comstock Public Schools11.37%<0.4>12.58%0.1
Jackson Public Schools10.59%<0.6>12.61%0.1
Sault Ste. Marie Area Schools14.06%0.512.69%0.2
Manchester Community Schools13.78%0.412.72%0.2
Springport Public Schools12.78%0.112.78%0.2
Benzie County Central Schools13.50%0.312.82%0.2
Madison District Public Schools13.93%0.512.87%0.2
Fowlerville Community Schools13.37%0.312.93%0.2
Montague Area Public Schools13.75%0.412.95%0.3
Mason County Central Schools12.95%0.212.96%0.3
Swartz Creek Community Schools12.77%0.112.96%0.3
Woodhaven-Brownstown School District16.48%1.312.97%0.3
Monroe Public Schools12.33%012.99%0.3
Saranac Community Schools14.20%0.612.99%0.3
Orchard View Schools14.25%0.612.99%0.3
Escanaba Area Public Schools12.47%013.00%0.3
Godwin Heights Public Schools14.38%0.613.01%0.3
Manistee Area Public Schools11.60%<0.3>13.01%0.3
Menominee Area Public Schools12.90%0.113.03%0.3
Algonac Community School District14.23%0.613.05%0.3
Benton Harbor Area Schools13.48%0.313.05%0.3
Port Huron Area School District13.90%0.513.05%0.3
South Lake Schools9.46%<1.0>13.07%0.3
Farwell Area Schools13.08%0.213.08%0.3
Lapeer Community Schools13.39%0.313.08%0.3
Millington Community Schools12.36%013.10%0.3
Newaygo Public School District13.49%0.313.14%0.3
Bullock Creek School District13.14%0.213.16%0.3
Delton Kellogg Schools13.80%0.413.18%0.3
Beecher Community School District11.47%<0.3>13.22%0.3
Madison School District (Lenawee)12.95%0.213.26%0.4
Flint, School District of the City of13.10%0.213.27%0.4
Greenville Public Schools14.69%0.713.30%0.4
Corunna Public Schools13.26%0.313.31%0.4
Romulus Community Schools13.09%0.213.34%0.4
Boyne City Public Schools13.35%0.313.41%0.4
Wyoming Public Schools14.28%0.613.41%0.4
Marshall Public Schools13.34%0.313.42%0.4
NICE Community School District15.10%0.813.53%0.5
Dowagiac Union School District14.25%0.613.56%0.5
Waverly Community Schools14.29%0.613.56%0.5
Livonia Public Schools School District14.17%0.513.58%0.5
Waterford School District14.75%0.713.58%0.5
Ludington Area School District13.77%0.413.59%0.5
Sparta Area Schools14.99%0.813.59%0.5
Northwest Community Schools13.61%0.413.63%0.5
Columbia School District13.70%0.413.71%0.5
Gibraltar School District14.28%0.613.71%0.5
Michigan Center School District13.71%0.413.71%0.5
Reeths-Puffer Schools15.13%0.913.72%0.5
Jefferson Schools (Monroe)12.76%0.113.73%0.5
LakeVille Community School District13.71%0.413.74%0.5
South Redford School District14.25%0.613.76%0.5
Caro Community Schools13.79%0.413.77%0.5
Bangor Township Schools13.60%0.413.78%0.5
Grand Ledge Public Schools13.64%0.413.84%0.6
Eaton Rapids Public Schools14.40%0.613.89%0.6
Lakewood Public Schools14.68%0.713.90%0.6
Fremont Public School District13.88%0.513.91%0.6
Midland Public Schools13.31%0.313.92%0.6
Owosso Public Schools14.90%0.813.96%0.6
Bloomingdale Public School District13.99%0.514.00%0.6
Shelby Public Schools14.25%0.614.08%0.6
Hemlock Public School District14.61%0.714.09%0.6
Saginaw, School District of the City of13.75%0.414.11%0.7
Wayne-Westland Community School District15.19%0.914.15%0.7
Flat Rock Community Schools14.31%0.614.17%0.7
Hesperia Community Schools12.36%014.18%0.7
Van Buren Public Schools15.44%1.014.20%0.7
Houghton Lake Community Schools15.18%0.914.30%0.7
Capac Community Schools15.69%1.014.33%0.7
Hastings Area School District13.91%0.514.40%0.8
Harper Woods15.23%0.914.43%0.8
Durand Area Schools15.22%0.914.43%0.8
Union City Community Schools14.46%0.614.48%0.8
Coopersville Area Public School District14.65%0.714.49%0.8
Pinconning Area Schools14.01%0.514.50%0.8
Belding Area School District15.26%0.914.50%0.8
St. Louis Public Schools14.43%0.614.57%0.8
Bloomfield Hills Schools17.02%1.514.73%0.9
Linden Community Schools15.21%0.914.75%0.9
Westwood Community School District15.12%0.914.79%0.9
Ithaca Public Schools14.65%0.714.86%0.9
Chesaning Union Schools15.52%1.014.94%0.9
Hart Public School District15.28%0.914.95%0.9
Battle Creek Public Schools15.46%1.015.01%1.0
Lakeview Community Schools (Montcalm)14.95%0.815.24%1.0
Crawford AuSable Schools15.77%1.115.25%1.0
Pontiac City School District17.81%1.715.39%1.1
Perry Public Schools16.02%1.115.40%1.1
Gladwin Community Schools15.41%0.915.41%1.1
Roseville Community Schools16.58%1.315.44%1.1
Marquette Area Public Schools15.61%1.015.45%1.1
Detroit City School District17.39%1.615.52%1.1
Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools15.55%1.015.55%1.1
Bay City School District15.65%1.015.60%1.2
Roscommon Area Public Schools16.60%1.315.67%1.2
Big Rapids Public Schools14.30%0.615.68%1.2
Trenton Public Schools16.82%1.415.76%1.2
Mt. Morris Consolidated Schools15.82%1.115.86%1.3
Lansing Public School District16.72%1.415.88%1.3
Huron School District14.48%0.615.94%1.3
Meridian Public Schools15.93%1.115.98%1.3
Morley Stanwood Community Schools16.50%1.316.11%1.3
Clawson Public Schools13.96%0.516.15%1.4
Gwinn Area Community Schools17.42%1.616.22%1.4
Warren Woods Public Schools14.81%0.816.28%1.4
Reed City Area Public Schools16.26%1.216.30%1.4
Chippewa Hills School District16.94%1.416.37%1.4
East Jackson Community Schools16.38%1.316.38%1.4
Muskegon, Public Schools of the City of14.99%0.816.54%1.5
Breitung Township School District16.52%1.316.57%1.5
Ionia Public Schools18.04%1.816.67%1.5
Southgate Community School District16.39%1.316.81%1.6
Garden City Public Schools16.87%1.416.82%1.6
Holly Area School District18.71%2.016.88%1.6
East Detroit Public Schools17.42%1.616.88%1.6
Montrose Community Schools17.13%1.516.95%1.6
Shepherd Public Schools17.01%1.517.01%1.7
Bridgeport-Spaulding Community School District18.24%1.917.21%1.7
Van Dyke Public Schools18.21%1.917.30%1.8
Taylor School District17.66%1.717.33%1.8
Lincoln Consolidated School District18.16%1.817.42%1.8
New Haven Community Schools22.57%3.317.44%1.8
Vassar Public Schools17.45%1.617.48%1.8
School District of Ypsilanti17.53%1.617.52%1.8
Holland City School District14.61%0.717.55%1.8
River Rouge, School District of the City of17.45%1.617.59%1.9
Education Achievement System-EAS17.57%1.617.61%1.9
White Cloud Public Schools17.77%1.717.87%1.9
Alma Public Schools18.08%1.818.10%2.0
Mount Clemens Community School District22.17%3.118.18%2.1
Harrison Community Schools18.35%1.918.36%2.1
Beaverton Rural Schools18.40%1.918.40%2.1
Oscoda Area Schools19.45%2.318.79%2.3
Whitmore Lake Public School District19.85%2.419.23%2.4
Mt. Pleasant City School District18.48%1.919.49%2.5
Grand Rapids Public Schools18.30%1.919.72%2.6
Wyandotte, School District of the City of24.23%3.820.17%2.7
Willow Run Community Schools21.21%2.820.53%2.9
Carrollton Public Schools20.98%2.822.56%3.6
Redford Union Schools, District No. 123.91%3.723.30%3.8
K-12 Students
District Mean12.48%12.22%
Standard Deviation3.09%2.90%
Omitted Districts
Bronson Community School District
See Note Below
Quincy Community Schools
See Note Below

Omitted Districts

  • Bronson Community Schools was omitted from the above above analysis because of likely errors in its special education reporting. Its special education counts for fall 2009, 2010, and 2011 were 121, 112, and 93, respectively. In fall 2012, Bronson Community Schools apparently reported only 23 K-12 special education students, a decrease of 75% from the prior year. It is unlikely a decrease of this magnitude is accurate, and the reported number of 23 special education students in fall 2012 is likely an error, given the historical identification rates of the district.
  • Quincy Community Schools was omitted from the above above analysis because of likely errors in its special education reporting. Its special education counts for fall 2009, 2010, and 2011 were 122, 127, and 121, respectively. In fall 2012, Quincy Community Schools apparently reported only 59 K-12 special education students, a decrease of 51% from the prior year. It is unlikely a decrease of this magnitude is accurate, and the reported number of 59 special education students in fall 2012 is likely an error, given the historical identification rates of the district.


(1) District Identification Rate All Students: Michigan Student Data System (MSDS) Special Education – Oct 3. Count Public Data via CEPI
(2) District K-12 Fall Count: Public Student Counts (Headcount Data) Fall 1012, via CEPI
(3) K-12 Identification Rate: Individual grade identification rates were taken from Michigan Student Data System (MSDS) Special Education – Oct 3. Count Public Data via CEPI noted in (1). When individual grade identification rates were supressed (i.e., less than 5) within the noted CEPI data file, suppressed individual grade identification rates were replaced with individual grade identification rates available through
(4) Standard deviations and standard deviations from mean were calculated based on the above data

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