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Our Kids Deserve Better

Elizabeth Lykins, Candidate
East Grand Rapids School Board

What we know about EGR School Board candidate Elizabeth Welch-Lykins with respect to the issues on this blog comes mainly from her comments at EGR School Board Candidates’ Forum.

Also, we have posted one reader’s comment regarding Ms. Lykins.

Currently, there appears to be no information on Ms. Lykins’ EGR School Board campaign site specifically addressing the issues on this blog.

Below is what we learned from the East Grand Rapids School Board Candidates’ Forum:

Board Candidates’ Forum

Elizabeth Welch-Lykins

  • Challenger
  • Attorney, Welch Law Firm
  • Seems to be heavily focused on Lansing & legislation
  • Referred to strong past involvement with legislators as a member of the EGR PTSA Legislative Committee. Wants to be able to advocate at the state level as a board member, not just a parent representative.
  • Visibly passionate
  • Although heavily focused on legislative aspects, Ms. Lykins took valuable time out of her 2-minute closing to highlight how East identified her as a young student needing special help, and she shared how those services allowed her to flourish as a student and, later, as a professional. She immediately followed this story by stating she has concerns about the district.

Reader Responds to the Candidates’ Forum Post

I appreciate the feedback. I am impressed with Ms. Welch-Lykins, and she seems very eager to be accessible as a board member. Since I received nothing but form letters and canned responses from every board member during the debate over the 1:1 program, this is very important to me. I know one current board member told a friend of mine that she had already made up her mind about the program and didn’t want to hear any arguments against it. Seems she doesn’t realize what being a board member is about. When I reached out to Ms. Welch-Lykins, she responded in a sincere way. I appreciated that. —Lynn Shackleford

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