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Our Kids Deserve Better

We Need Your Help in the Next Four Days

We think every resident in the district needs to know this information about the EGR school district, and how it affects the kids, parents, and teachers.

Many of you learned about this blog via a postcard you received. Or perhaps, someone who received a postcard told you about it.

While the response to the postcards was great, less than 20 percent of the households in the district received one. We’d like to change that.

We also think voters need to know this information before November 6, so they can make informed choices regarding school board candidates. It’s a great opportunity to raise awareness and make a difference.

We’d like to ensure every household in the district receives information about the issues on this blog.

But that costs money. We need roughly $1000 to make that happen.

Will you help us?

Any amount helps. You can help make a difference. All proceeds will be used to defray actual costs associated with promoting the issues on this blog through direct mail and other communications to residents and other influential parties. Please let us know if you want to help.

Think about how much you spend on coffee in one week. Then think about how many years these kids have in front of them. What can you spare to help raise awareness of these issues, to help ensure all kids in the district are getting the help they need to face the future?

Deadline is Tuesday, October 30.

Maybe you’re afraid to leave a comment. Maybe you’re a teacher who knows things aren’t right, but you can’t get visibly involved without hurting your career. Maybe you’re a parent who is afraid to publicly say something, even anonymously, for fear of repercussions against you or your kids. Maybe you own a business, and you’re worried about how getting involved may impact you.

Whatever the reason, if these issues are important to you but you can’t speak up, let us help speak for you. Please donate today. You’ll help us get the word out.

Please Share this Post with Others You Know

We honestly don’t care who wins (challengers or incumbents) in the election for open School Board seats , as long as whoever wins takes these issues seriously and takes meaningful action to address the issues at the board and administration levels. We don’t have any personal or professional relationships with any candidates.

We’ve asked all the candidates to respond to six questions that were posted on the blog. The deadline for their responses is October 27. On October 29, we will post the responses we receive. Hopefully, all of the candidates will provide responses; and if any candidate chooses not to respond, that also tells us about the candidate. If a mailing went out prior to the election, it could highlight the blog as a place where people can read the candidates’ responses to the issues prior to voting.

Your donation is not tax-deductible. We are not a 501(c)(3) organization. We’re not even a formal organization. We are simply a group of concerned parents trying to make a difference for all the kids attending East Grand Rapids Public Schools. We will not publish or disclose the identities of those who contribute, unless we are somehow legally compelled to do so.

Thanks for caring. Thanks for helping us make the district better for all kids.

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