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Our Kids Deserve Better

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Highlights from Recent Years

Proposed Cuts for Next Year

  • East Grand Rapids budget proposal includes 2012 elimination of the only Intervention Specialist position in the district
    • Proposed despite staff and community survey ranking reading assistance as most important education program
    • The Intervention Specialist is a key position in Response to Intervention (RtI), which EGRPS says is the primary way they identify special ed kids
  • EGRPS proposes 2012 elimination of ParaProfessionals from Young5’s through 1st grade and seeks to replace them with “volunteers”
    • Consistent ParaProfessionals in the classroom help spot potential special ed kids and work with those already identified. They also free up the teacher to do the same.
    • Transient “volunteers” lack training and experience to catch kids falling through the cracks, and their sporadic involvement doesn’t allow them to get to know the kids as well, further limiting the chance we will identify kids who need help
    • The best time to catch kids who need help? ¬†Early.
Why should you care about this information? Because it affects you, too. If kids needing special education aren’t identified by the district, the efforts of the general ed teacher become diluted even further, especially as ParaPros and other in-class supports are eliminated. The general ed teacher ends up spending more time with students who should have additional supports. This impacts everyone in the classroom, including the general population and gifted students.
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Our Kids Deserve Better

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