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Department of Ed Revises State Complaint Procedures

In April, the Michigan Department of Education revised its State Complaint Procedures. The latest document shows that the new procedures were already revised again in May.

The new state complaint procedures are a little hard to find. If you do a search for them using a search engine, you may only find a link to a sample form for submitting a state complaint. If you want the full Michigan complaint procedures, you can get them on the state site ( or over at the Center for Educational Networking, at which the document is called “Special Education Problem Solving Process.”

At first glance, here are some of the obvious differences between the old complaint procedures and the revised ones.:

Less Detail on What the Final Report will Include

The August 2011 complaint procedures went into detail about what the nature of the final report would be:

Previous Language
The final report includes:
  • A cover page listing the persons involved in the investigation.
  • A statement of authority.
  • The date the state complaint was filed.
  • A description of any extension of the 60 calendar-day timeline, and the exceptional circumstances that warranted the extension.
  • Allegations dismissed prior to the investigation.
  • Any noncompliance acknowledged by the public agency.
  • The investigation process.
  • A closing statement, including notice of the right for reconsideration.
For each allegation, the final report includes: 
  • Identification of the allegation.
  • The rules/regulations that govern the allegation.
  • Information pertinent to the allegation.
  • Findings of the public agency’s compliance or noncompliance with an explanation of how the pertinent information and law support the findings.
  • Corrective action and required proof of compliance, with due dates, if noncompliance is found.

The revised complaint procedures simply say:

Current Language

The OSE issues the final decision to the complainant and the school district, which includes the complaint allegations, governing rule or regulations, findings of fact, conclusions, and an explanation of how the findings of fact and law support the conclusions.

No More Request for Reconsideration

The August 2011 state complaint procedures used to allow for a request for reconsideration of the state’s final report.

That’s gone now.


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