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Science, Soc. Studies EGR MEAP Scores Low, Trending Down

EGR MEAP Score Proficiency - 2012

While Reading MEAP proficiency rates for East Grand Rapids Public Schools are higher, there’s more to a good education than math or reading; those are the basics. As kids prepare for college, they need to excel in other, focused subject areas as well.

Above are the MEAP proficiency rates for EGR Public Schools in Social Studies and Science.

On the whole:
  • Not very good; certainly not “excellence”
  • 8th Grade Science is incredibly low
  • Seems like we have decent Reading proficiency rates, but once we depart from the basics, we’re not doing an excellent job

Five-Year Trends

Below are the MEAP Score five-year data for each of the tests
In general: Performance on all of the tests, except 5th Grade Science, are down significantly from levels five years ago. These are not good trends.

Note: New “cut scores” were implemented in fall 2011, raising the percentage correct necessary to be deemed “proficient.” The new MEAP cut scores have been applied to prior years, so you’re looking at apples-to-apples comparisons.

EGR MEAP Score Proficiency - 8th Grade Science
8th Grade Science

EGR MEAP Score Proficiency - 6th Grade Social Studies

6th Grade Social Studies

  • Proficiency steadily declining
  • Proficiency rate down 17% from 2008
  • Correct answers needed to be “proficient”: 64%

EGR MEAP Score Proficiency - 9th Grade Social Studies

9th Grade Social Studies

  • More steady proficiency rates here, but big drop in EGR MEAP Scores last year
  • Down 8% since 2008; Down 14% from previous year
  • Correct answers needed to be “proficient”: 66%

EGR MEAP Score Proficiency - 5th Grade Science

5th Grade Science

  • Fairly flat in previous years
  • Nice jump in most recent year
  • Correct answers needed to be “proficient”: 83%

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